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Fish Beatdown


NORTON SHORES — Police say two Egelston Township men ice fishing in Norton Shores Saturday were accosted by an angry fish-flinging woman from Fruitport.


The incident happened around 1 p.m. Saturday on Black Lake, which is located near Wood Street and Judson Road in Norton Shores, when a 29-year-old woman allegedly struck both men with a fish, said Norton Shores Police Lt. Jon Gale.


Gale said officers were called to the lake by one of the men who claimed they were assaulted by “a female wielding a fish.”


The men, both in their early 20s, said they were ice fishing in a shanty when they were approached by a woman who “wanted to urinate on the ice,” Gale said.


“The woman said to turn their heads while she urinated. While their backs were turned the woman struck the first complainant in the head with a fish,” Gale said. “The female then approached them and struck the other man across the face with a fish.”


Gale said “some words were then exchanged” and the woman then “returned to her shanty.”


When officers interviewed the woman, she claimed that she was upset “because the other men put their shanty too close to her shanty,” Gale said.


“She said she threw the fish at the men, but missed. She denied hitting them,” Gale said.


Gale declined to give the names of those involved because the men do not wish to press criminal charges against the woman.


Pecos man: Neighbor's dog tore off Volvo's bumper


A Pecos man is suing his neighbors, claiming their dog attacked a Volvo parked in his yard and tore off a piece of the car's rear bumper, causing $2,000 in damage.


Richard Lienau said the dog — which he described as weighing about 75 pounds, although he wasn't certain of the breed — has caused $5,000 damage to one other vehicle in the area, menaced at least six other neighbors and killed one neighbor's dog.


Santa Fe lawyer John Aragon filed the complaint in state District Court last week on behalf of Lienau and the owner of the Volvo, seeking damages and an injunction against Steve and Jerica Griego.


Christina Griego, who is married to Steve Griego and is the mother of teenager Jerica, said she thinks Lienau is mistaken. Their dogs are smaller than 75 pounds and not aggressive, she said.


In an interview late last year, Lienau said he encountered the dog as he walked outside his front door on the morning of Nov. 13. He said it snarled at him, so he got a carbon-dioxide-powered BB pistol and fired three or four times at the dog, causing it to jump back over the fence around the property.


Lienau said he drove into Santa Fe for an appointment. Later that day, a friend who was staying at his house called to say that someone had keyed her car while it was parked outside. When she met him in Santa Fe, he said, he found marks from a dog's teeth and claws on the 1999 Volvo S80.


"It's obvious to me that this dog that I fired at was after a small animal that must have crawled up underneath the car," he said. "The dog proceeded to tear the rear driver's-side quarter off, which is all plastic in these modern cars, and actually bit down on the steel of the apron and tore away part of the rear bumper and left some of its blood in one spot."


Lienau said he later found in his yard bits of plastic the dog apparently had ripped from the Volvo's undercarriage and chewed up.


Christina Griego said the family has two small dogs: "The Shih Tzu, she thinks she's vicious, of course. You know how the little dogs make the most noise? The other one is a little bit off, I think. She goes up to you and she twists her head so you can pet her. She's a friendly dog. She doesn't do stuff like this, and she stays basically in the yard."


Lienau said he is certain that the dog that attacked the Volvo is one that he saw in the Griegos' yard. When he approached that dog, he said, "it menaced me." He said he spoke twice to Steve Griego about it. "The first time, he was real friendly," he said. "The second time, he was Mr. Nasty."


But Christina Griego said Lienau originally told her husband that the dog had "keyed" the Volvo.


"How could a dog have any keys?" she asked. "As a matter of fact, he told my husband, 'I've been searching all over Pecos for this dog.' ... I think he's under the impression because my husband works at the little grocery store (Griego's Market and Liquor and Conoco station on N.M. 51) — he has the same last name — he thinks it's our store. ... He's thinking 'these people have money.' That's not us."


San Miguel County Animal Control Division Director Harold Garcia said Monday that Lienau first contacted him about the incident a week and a half ago, but that he hasn't heard of the other incidents alleged by Lienau. He said Lienau told him it took him three weeks to find out who owns the dog even though the Griegos live only three houses away.


"We get those kinds of calls often," Garcia said. "It's one neighbor against another neighbor. The only thing I could do in this case, and I offered that to him, is take the trap and set it in the property. If the dog comes in again, then the dog's going to get caught. ... Unless there's actual pictures of the animal doing it, then it's all hearsay."


Swordsman Tased


Two LaPorte County sheriff's deputies responding to a report of a house fire wound up in a fierce struggle with a man who refused to leave the smoke-filled dwelling over a sword.


The man didn't let go of the sword until he was struck with Taser darts, police said.


Police revealed Monday that warrants seeking charges of criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement, both Class D felonies, are being pursued against 50-year-old Peter Thompson, who was taken to LaPorte Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained when two probes carrying 50,000 volts fired from the Taser stuck into his back.


According to LaPorte County police, emergency responders were called about 6 p.m. Friday to the house on North 125 West near Springville. Smoke was filtering out the front door when Deputies Al Ott and Donald Hicks went inside and urged Thompson to leave.


Police said Thompson was sitting on a couch with a blanket draped over his right hand. He refused commands to show his hands, so one of the deputies removed the blanket, and in his right hand was the handle of a sword. It was being held in such a way that the blade was behind the man's back, said police.


Hicks grabbed the handle of the sword while the other officers grabbed both the man's hand and the blade, which was covered by a scabbard.


Hicks in his report said Thompson refused to obey commands to let go of the sword as he and the other deputy tried desperately to maintain control of the weapon.


At one point, Hicks let go of Thompson's hand and reached for his Taser.


Thompson pulled the sword out of its sheath and pointed the 2-foot-long silver blade at Ott.


Hicks immediately fired his Taser, allowing Ott to remove the sword from Thompson's clutches, police said.


Springfield Township Fire Chief Steve Marvel said Monday there was just minimal fire damage to the residence.


He said Thompson lit some articles in the home on fire and the blaze burned itself out as firefighters were arriving.


“It was more of a police matter than a fire matter,” Marvel said 

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