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Yep, Addictive All Right


New Port Richey - A New Port Richey man was arrested after police found cocaine in a Girl Scout cookie box inside his car. Police say they pulled Stevenson Papin over because one headlight was out.


During the traffic stop, the officer noticed an empty box of Girl Scout cookies with a small plastic baggie inside. The box was next to Papin's leg.


Police say the baggie had a white rock-like substance inside. A field test on the substance was positive for cocaine.


According to police, Papin said "I ain't going to say it's mine, but I ain't gonna make your jobs harder. Take me to jail."


Papin's request was granted. He was taken to jail and charged with possession of cocaine.



Don’t Pet the Moose

A moose kicked a woman in Town Square Park Monday afternoon after she got too close to the animal and reportedly tried to pet it, according to Anchorage police.


The moose kicked the unidentified woman several times -- including in the chest and shoulder -- but she was not injured badly enough to go to the hospital, according to police spokeswoman Anita Shell.


Police were called to Town Square at about 4:40 p.m. and medics checked the woman and determined she was OK, Shell said.


Witnesses told police that the moose kicked the woman, in her 20s, after she tried to pet it as it walked by, Shell said.


The moose was spotted in Town Square throughout the day on Monday, feeding on trees. The moose was still hanging around at the downtown park after police arrived and the woman left at around 5 p.m.


"At this time, we are telling people not to agitate the moose ... to give it space," Shell said.


Anchorage police said they did not request that state biologists deal with the moose because the animal wasn't going after anyone unprovoked.


"It was just doing what moose do," Shell said.




Gambler forgets money at Nacho Mamma's


BRISTOL, R.I. (WPRI) - People leave items behind all the time at Nacho Mamma's restaurant in Bristol. But it's not everyday a bag filled with cash and a diamond ring ends up in the lost and found.


A professional gambler stopped at the restaurant Friday on his way back from a trip to Mohegan Sun. It's there he left his winnings and engagement ring for his girlfriend.


"I am here doing something... and a little girl said here's a bag someone left here and I didn't think anything of it," says Mike Siino, the owner of Nacho Mamma's.


Hours later, after lunch cleanup, Siino looked into the bag and discovered a massive stash of cash. The bills were wrapped in wads of $5,000 with the Mohegan Sun logo on them.


Siino called police, who tracked down the owner through a receipt for the engagement ring.


"I believe in karma, it's a big thing," says Siino.


The owner of the money and the ring is a professional gambler. He got his money back and on Monday he paid Siino a visit and gave him a reward.


"He handed me an envelope, and there was $1,000 in it. We needed it more than anything after this long winter, I went right next door to Citizens Bank and deposited it."


Siino used the cash to a pay a bill and says he'll sleep easy knowing he did the right thing. 

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03/09/2011 6:21AM
Here's What Marko and Jenn Are Talking About!
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