Here's What Marko and Jenn Are Talking About

A Pennsylvania couple bought a load of stuff at a rummage sale.  As they were was driving down the road, a snake crawled out of the garage sale goodies.


The guy driving got bit in the leg and freaked out. He almost crashed his car trying to trap the snake and call 911.


The bite wasn't life threatening. Later, cops couldn't find the snake.



A violent guy from New Port Richey, FL smacked his quadriplegic neighbor with a fish-- and (shocker!)... it's not the first time he's done something crazy.


The 52-year-old guy has been scaring his neighbors for years. He chased one down with a chainsaw and grabbed another one by the throat.


His yard is overgrown and covered in trash, and people have seen him peeing in his front yard repeatedly. He screams swear words at folks as they walk by.


Neighbors are convinced he has a severe drinking problem and some of them are trying to get restraining orders against him.


He's been arrested 34 times. No word on charges for the fish-smacking.


The morning crew of a radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma is claiming they were poisoned by a cook at a Red Robin restaurant.


They also have proof to back it up.


The four-man crew had a lunchtime "business meeting" at the restaurant, so the cook posted on a rival station's Facebook page that they were eating there and asked what he should do with their food. They all came down with food poisoning by the next day.


Later on, the crew got a message from one of their listeners letting them know that the cook had posted a message on the competitor's Facebook page asking what to do with the food order.


The morning crew is suing Red Robin and the cook.


The country's first deep-fried cheeseburger made its debut at the National Hamburger Festival in Ohio.

The festival's founder says that they cook the burger, put it on the bun, dip it in batter, and then put it in the fryer. He came up with the idea when he wanted to put his two favorite things together: hamburger and chicken wings.

The festival is expected to attract 20,000 people. The two day festival will include a Jimmy Buffet cover band, a beauty pageant, and bobbing for burgers in a pool of ketchup. 

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08/22/2011 6:59AM
Here's What Marko and Jenn Are Talking About
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