Marko in the Morning

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New to the show or do you just want to know when your favorite segments are coming up? Here are the estimated times, and explanations of what goes on...

NBC news at the top of the hour, NCNN news at the bottom of the hour
6:20 - First Things First: A collection of random headlines, things that caught our eye, etc
6:35 - Weird News: A bizarre news story. It may be funny, it may be strange, it may just make you scratch your head.
6:50 - Forgotten 45 of the Day: Have a song you haven't heard in forever? Send us an email to If we pick yours, you could win a $20 gift certificate to Stack 'Em High in Kitty Hawk.
7:20 - Tough Trivia: Answer the trivia question correctly and win a $10 gift certificate to Plaza Azteca.
7:35 - Weird News
8:00 - Music Moment: Here, we spotlight birthdays in the world of music, as well as significant events in music history.
8:35 - Weird News and Stump the Chump: Dr. Nick shows up with a list of 5 famous birthdays and Marko has to guess what makes them famous.
8:45ish - KSCRP: The daily KSCRP report from First Flight Elementary Schools.

Of course, we have things going on that don't run every day. For example...

* Wednesdays: Corrie from the Outer Banks SPCA joins us in studio with the Pet of the Week and tells us about upcoming events to benefit the shelter.
* Thursdays: Hollywood on Helium is exactly what it sounds like - Ben takes a famous line from a movie, makes it sound like the actor/actress just inhaled a balloon, and you have to guess the movie. Win a pair of tickets to the RC Movies 10 in Kill Devil Hills.
* Interviews to promote upcoming remotes or events to benefit local charities/non-profit organizations.
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