Mark St. John

 Mark St. John, Host of "Marko in the Morning", Program Director, Benevolent Dictator

Age: 44

Born: Norfolk, Virginia 

Siblings: None (mom and dad thought it best to stop while ahead.) 

Hobbies: sleeping, listening to music, watching NC State basketball, cooking… did I mention sleeping? 

Favorite authors: Hunter S. Thompson, Carl Hiassen 

Favorite movies: Clerks, Platoon, Blues Brothers 

Favorite quote: “What Do They Look Like Jimmy??” “Dorks…. They look like Dorks!!” – Pulp Fiction 

First concert: Asia at the Norfolk Scope in ‘81 

Pet peeves: I don’t believe in keeping peeves as pets. 

Personal triumphs: overcoming anorexia 

Career history: done everything from selling cable TV subscriptions door to door to building highways. Radio seemed like a viable option to hard work. In radio off and on since 1988 

Rest of the story: thanks to you guys for making getting up in the morning worth it!!!!

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