Following an hours-long standoff, a suspect was killed Thursday afternoon in a gunfire exchange with officers in response to the suspect’s attempt to breach the Cincinnati FBI field office building at around 9 a.m.  Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Nathan Dennis said in a news briefing Thursday evening that the suspect ended the standoff by firing at officers; officers returned fire and the suspect died on the scene. No officers were injured in the confrontation. The suspect’s identity has not been confirmed.

Ohio Highway Patrol troopers and local law enforcement agents responded to the alleged breach attempt Thursday morning at the FBI field office, with the suspect allegedly attempting to break in through the visitor screening center. The FBI said the individual fled following an immediate response from special agents, prompting law enforcement to shut down roughly a one-mile stretch of a nearby highway and issue a lockdown warning for residents and businesses in the surrounding area.

Authorities did not give any indication of a possible motive for the breach, and said the incident is still under investigation. The incident came one day after FBI Director Christoper Wray delivered a warning about violent threats circulating online in the aftermath of this week’s FBI search at former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago.

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